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Berlin Travel Guide

Why Go To Berlin

Over thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city lounges in a social renaissance that flaunts everything from galleries and design to food and clubs. In any case, this isn’t to imply that that this city has neglected its dull past; as a matter of fact, attractions like The Remembrance to the Killed Jews of Europe, the Geography of Fear and the Designated spot Charlie Exhibition hall are proof of its resolute love. But, Berlin is on the rise. An evening of visiting an enthusiastic bistro, a biergarten or a the entire night dance fest at a club will give you the verification.


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Best Lodgings in Berlin

  • Inn Adlon Kempinski
  • Excellent Hyatt Berlin
  • Inn de Rome, a Rocco Specialty Inn

Best Activities in Berlin

  • Brandenburg Door (Brandenburger Peak)
  • Reichstag Building
  • Remembrance to the Killed Jews of Europe

Greatest Months to Visit

The best opportunity to visit Berlin is May through September, when the weather conditions is great for bistro sitting, loosening up in a recreation area, and relaxed city walking. Winter, then again, is cool, but the city’s nightlife and expressions scene proceed to flourish and engage voyagers. Temperatures will quite often territory from 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the colder time of year. Notwithstanding, this may be the best time for financial plan explorers to score bargains on airfare and lodging rates.

The most Effective Method to Set Aside Cash in Berlin

Visit in the colder time of year Wrap up and partake in Germany’s capital in the colder time of year. You’ll need to confront a few cold temperatures (going from the low 30s to the 40s), yet the heavenly arrangements on flights and inns might make it worth the effort. During the Christmas season, you’ll have the valuable chance to visit in excess of 60 Christmas markets.

Party in Berlin East You ought to exploit the city’s exuberant nightlife, however you don’t need to pay a fortune to do as such. Nightlife settings toward the east of the city are for the most part more reasonable than those in the west.

Purchase a Berlin WelcomeCard Guests can appreciate not just free transportation by tram, transport and ship with the Berlin WelcomeCard, yet in addition limited passes to significant attractions. You’ll likewise get a free downloadable guide of Berlin with your buy.

Pack an excursion various well known parks, like Mauerpark or Tempelhofer Feld, are outfitted with grills and huge green space reasonable for a cookout. Think about pressing a dinner and getting a charge out of it outside.

Weather of Berlin


Try not to Take a Chance with it: Stamp your ticket

All open transportation tickets should be stepped at the stage, transport or cable car before you start your excursion. Tickets that are not stepped are viewed as invalid and are dependent upon a fine of 60 euros (about $65) upon review.

Pack a phrasebook

Berlin is a well disposed city, yet realizing a couple of German words will help you dramatically. For instance, bitte is “please,” and danke schön is “much obliged.”

Try not to design your shopping binge for Sunday
Many shops (except for those in air terminals and railroad stations) are shut on this day.

Culture and Customs

East and West Berlin were generally joined after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. From that point forward, Germany has encountered an immense financial and social renewal that has pushed it to become quite possibly of the most remarkable country in Europe – and the world.

Despite the fact that Germany’s true language is German, you’ll observe that numerous Berliners are capable in English, as well. In any case, you can’t turn out badly learning a couple of German words: Guten tag or hallo for “hi,” bitte for “please” and danke for “much obliged.”

Reliability and request are two qualities profoundly valued by German culture, so be on opportunity to any conference or formal commitment. At the point when in an eatery, don’t overlook your cash subsequent to getting the check. Hand the cash to the server and request your change. Tips are as of now remembered for your bill, yet on the off chance that the help was uncommon, tipping an additional 10 to 15 percent is standard.

Berlin’s true cash is the euro (EUR). Since the euro to U.S. dollar swapping scale changes frequently, check what the ongoing conversion standard is before you go. Significant Mastercards are acknowledged all things considered eateries and shops.

What to Eat

Berlin’s food choices are boundless, with an overflow of conventional German cooking, a flourishing global food scene and, surprisingly, better, veggie lover choices. In any case, you shouldn’t pass up on the potential chance to grub on legitimate dishes Berlin is known for.

Various frankfurters – everything from bratwurst to bockwurst (pork and veal) to the extraordinary currywurst (hotdog covered with ketchup and curry powder) – are ever-famous, as are staples like Wiener schnitzel (leveled, breaded, seared veal). German food depends intensely on pork – to such an extent that you’ll find eisbein (pork knuckle) presented with potatoes and sauerkraut. Pop over to Zur letzten Instanz, the most seasoned café in Berlin, for some customary eats. It is one block off the Klosterstraße U-Bahn station.

Berlin likewise has a huge Turkish impact (around 150,000 Turks call the city home) and that is poured out over into the gastronomy. For a glance at different delights, look at Turkish Market along the banks of the Landwehr Channel in the Neukölln area (jump off the U-Bahn at U Kottbusser Pinnacle or Schönleinstraße). Furthermore, make certain to attempt a döner kebab sandwich, which was first presented by Turkish workers (metropolitan legend says it was imagined in Berlin). The dish incorporates an extraordinary bread loaded up with meager cuts of meat (or chicken or sheep … take your pick) and finished off with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a yogurt-based sauce. You’ll find these sandwiches at various road merchants all around the city.

At last, no outing to Berlin is finished without some (or heaps) of casket (brew). Brew is a major piece of German culture; the lawful drinking age for matured refreshments is 16 (or 18 for refined liquor). Germany likewise views the nature of its bubbles in a serious way. There are various guidelines, known as Reinheitsgebot (in a real sense meant “virtue request”), that limit the quantity of fixings utilized in the blending system to just malt, bounces, yeast and water. There are biergartens all around the city, however one of the most gorgeous, Cafè am Neuen See, is found in Tiergarten. Remember to say prost or zum wohl (cheers and bottoms up, individually).


As a rule, pickpocketing will in general be a Berlin vacationer’s primary security concern. Keep an eye out for pickpockets on open transportation, particularly during busy time and at significant vacation destinations. Berlin’s travel industry site educates voyagers to likewise know regarding counterfeit cops who will attempt to take money or charge cards. Likewise, guests ought to know that prostitution is legitimate in Germany, and a level of Berlin’s sex laborers are casualties of illegal exploitation.

Getting Around Berlin

The most ideal way to get around Berlin is by means of the U-Bahn underground trains or S-Bahn local, raised trains, which are both an area of the city’s broad BVG public transportation framework. You might in fact arrive at the new Berlin Brandenburg Air terminal Willy Brandt (BER), which opened in 2020, by S-Bahn (there is a rail line station straightforwardly underneath Terminal 1, and the one-way trip requires around a little ways from the air terminal to Berlin’s downtown area in Alexanderplatz). Despite the fact that help is altogether more slow than the U-Bahn or S-Bahn, voyagers can likewise exploit the city’s broad transport and cable car lines.

Similarly as with each large city, driving is deterred: weighty traffic and scant stopping are the primary offenders. A little of activity, you can lease a bicycle and sell along the city’s bicycle paths and through the parks. Numerous local people use bikes as their fundamental method of transportation. Metered taxis are additionally bountiful; they can be hailed in the city or planned early. Ride-hailing administrations, like Uber, are additionally accessible and accommodating for explorers.

Section and Leave Necessities

US residents can visit Berlin for 90 days without a traveler visa. A visa that is substantial three months past your arranged takeoff date is expected for section. For additional data on section and leave necessities, visit the U.S. Express Office’s site.

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